What is This?

Team Mandalore is a multi-disciplinary mutual aid style cycling team from Northeast Ohio celebrating the punk rock DIY ethos with a goal to keep cycling weird, build lasting friendships and win some races along the way. Our members have been competing in the area for years locally in races such as OMBC, EOTT, RATL, 331 Powerseries & NEOCX. Mandalorians like to travel too, chasing podiums in TransAm, Cherohala Challenge, The Crusher, WMBC & MMBA.

Team Mandalore is all ages and does not require a USAC license. We also do not subscribe to team exclusivity- you may join us and stay on a team you already work with. If you are interested in becoming a Mandalorian, please visit our Join Us page for details.

So this is how we came to be…

Rae Havoc has a complicated family history full of half, step and adopted siblings. As huge Star Wars fans, she and brother Jeff often comment that their family is like the planet Mandalore. Most everyone on that planet is an immigrant from somewhere else- they simply agree to the Code and become a Mandalore.

In 2018, Rae challenged Jeff to a 5 race time trial series on fixed gear bikes. Jeff had never raced but was unable to resist the chance to smash his little sister at one of her favourite activities. For the most part, Rae was willing to lose to Jeff in order to have another fixed gear rider at the events. And so Team Mandalore’s first “brother-sister-fixed-gear-beatdown” was born. It didn’t take long for them to meet Joe, who was also racing fixed gear… the 3 became the original Mandalores, with Jeff and Rae chasing the much more accomplished Joe for 2 seasons. Then came Heather and we were a clan of 4. It’s hard to say if we knew things were going to spin out of control. In 2018, we were just playing bikes with friends.

But more teamless cyclists started hanging around. The original “fixed gear division” jerseys didn’t work- we found a need to have divisions for freewheels and mountain bikes. There were Mandalores in Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It started to feel like making a real team was the only option.

We lost our racing season in 2020. To stay in touch and do virtual group events, there was a Strava club. We dropped the divisions and took a tagline from our sponsor, Kent Cycle: All bikes, All people.

In the spirit of our family, Team Mandalore is officially opening its beer soaked front porch to any who will pledge to the code… talk shit, make love, race hard.