the Team 2022

“Rae Havoc” Faba, Team Captain, is a multi-disciplinary cyclist with specialties in long haul mountain bike and fixed gear. Her spirit animal is the opossum.

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“Lumpy Space Jeff” Radecky rides fixed gear because he hates brakes. Jeff believes in the Force and the second law of thermodynamics. If asked his age, he will tell you he’s 8.

“Yellowman” Dave Starkey has been racing MTB since around the time G-D invented dirt. He originally comes from Detroit, so his taste in beer can be kind of sketchy, but he’s still an okay dude.

“Dammit Josh” Mace is an endurance roadie who has seen much of the country by competing in TransAM twice. He often travels locally by bike, despite owning a luxurious $500 car.

Molly Aubuchon is the co-owner of our sponsor Kent Cycle where she works endlessly for the local cycling community. Her not-bicycle hobbies include timed ruck hiking, kayaking and cooking. She is a vegan iron chef.

Connor “C-Note” Talbott III is our junior from Tennessee! His parents are reluctant high-dollar patrons of their LBS.

“Izzy” Isabelle Lawhorn started racing when she was 6 years old! She is a full-time member of Team Dayton Cycling & was the 2019 recipient & representative of the “Barn Swallow Fund.” Izzy loves all types of racing, but cyclocross comes in as her absolute favorite. If you see Izzy out & about, you are sure to see this girl smiling & spreading joy to all in the cycling community.

Heather Lawhorn is a full-time member & membership director for Team Dayton Cycling. She also is on the board for the Ohio Mountain Bike League! She loves volunteering & being able to give back to a community that means so much to the Lawhorn Family. Heather’s favorite discipline to race in is cyclocross because of all the amazing people who just go out to have fun & support one another! Then time trials come in at a very close second place. There is just something about going out full blast, max effort to push your personal limits!

“Mandalore Supreme” Joe Lawhorn is a full-time member of Team Dayton Cycling & is on the board for the Ohio Cycling Association. Joe is known for his crazy ultra-cycling endeavors! He has competed & finished Race Across America as a soloist, DKXL, The Crusher, several 24-hour cycling events & even holds two world records! He also loves to give back. He supports many different non-profit cycling organizations & helps them raise funds to do great things. He even started a bike shop program at his local Veteran’s Medical Center!

Allen Cooper is a full-time member of K&G Racing with specialties in cyclocross and gravel. He’s a cx race director and can be found supporting other cyclocross races at registration, course building, and repair. Allen’s a board member of the Cap City Collective and Ohio Cycling Association. You’ll find him helping out at Cap City Cyclocross practice every week. His ultimate goal is to race The Adirondack Trail Ride, a 570 mile mixed surface race in the Adirondack Mountains in New York.
Photo credit: KBaumgardt, 2019

Ron T” Tomallo has ridden bikes all over the country. He’s been known to compete in marathon running and kayak races too. He is a multi-instrumental musician and a raced sprint cars & motocross in his younger years. If you’re looking for him and can’t find him, he’s probably out fishing!

Brian Stakes, Assistant Captain, has competed in endurance sports since he was about 10 years old. He started by running cross country and track in middle school and continued running through high school. He rowed on his collegiate crew team, and started cycling after college. He has 4 kids and an amazing wife. He is most likely writing software, spending time with his family, or riding a bike.

“FrantzyPants” Craig Frantz is a National AMA championship motorcyclist, MTB enthusiast and sometimes road biker. In his professional life, he likes to pretend he is an accountant.

“Q” Farkas is our promising young Skills Ninja from Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Being in the woods is her passion, but she’s also getting a real kick out of road cycling.

Ryan “Hot Pants” Robinson is just some maniac we met racing criterium. It’s Ryan’s fault we are wearing pants on this team. Joe and Rae voted for tutus.

“I feel Ross” Sapienza loves that MTB. He loves it like your mum loves cake. Actually, he loves your mum too. We’d say she loves him back, but we ALL know what kinda lady she is. Seriously, does she actually “love” anyone??

Andy Nolen plays with drums and fixed gear bikes. A USMC veteran, he is also a hair stylist.

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