Dave & Tommy Do The Wilds

A FUNduro race report with COMBO from the Team Mandalore downhill boys!

Yellowman & Tommy, Pre-Race

We were in southern Ohio last Sunday to run “The Wilds” in the COMBO – Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization crazy downhill FUNduro Series.

Team mates Tommy and “Yellowman” Dave took on the sloppy conditions, wet roots, and giant puddles. Five downhill runs and many long transitions later they emerged from the woods to consume the provided hamburgers and beer.

Many excellent racers were in attendance. Many familiar faces were seen beneath full face helmets. Bug spray was shared. A good time was had by all.

Our team is something else – our last post was a crazy all night running adventure. Before that it was time trial, then road racing. Now we are crashing and bashing through the summer on our mountain bikes. #AllPeopleAllBikes

We wish to thank ALL of our sponsors for helping us #SpreadTheStoke <3