Ryan, Rae & RATL 3

The third installment of Races at the Lake brought some really beautiful weather. Ryan doubled up in Mens Cat4 and Masters 35+ while Rae made a return to Womens Cat4.

Primes this week were $20 Taco Bell gift cards & Ryan went for it, grabbing those snacks & taking 10 seconds off his usual lap time for this course! Unfortunately, that effort cost him in the subsequent laps and he ended up with an overall placement of 10th out of 21. We think he made the right choice, as at this local series, there’s no cash payout for Mens 4/5 and you can’t eat a top five placement medal!

After a short break, he lined back up with mens masters, finishing 5th but feeling pretty burned up. Back to back racing is hard, but 5th in mens masters does pay a small purse. Says Ryan, “hey! I got paid to race TWICE today!”

Mothers day weekend did not bode well for Womens attendance, with only 7 riders reporting to the line. RATL breaks the ladies field up into 2 groups: Categories 1/2/3 and Categories 4/5. The disparity in speed and skill at these smaller local races is pretty big… Our friends Liz & Laura, from Team Velofemme, launched an attack on lap 3 and quickly separated themselves from competitors Addy & Marie, who were left with more than a 3 second gap in a race for 3rd place. Bonnie, a cat4 who comes to visit us sometimes from Pittsburgh is *almost* as fast as the 1/2/3 group, but only for about 35 of the 45 minutes. She lapped Rae in the final lap, after Rae had already lapped the 3rd racer, Kim.

There’s so much debate in the community about how to get more women racing and we’ll just leave that for another time, but here’s hoping for a bigger turnout for the 4th and final race of this series, on May 14th, where Team Mandalore will be providing primes for the Juniors racers.