8th annual Road Apple Roubaix

500 riders for the 8th annual RAR!

Here in northeast Ohio, the RAR is our season opener. Under fondo rules (timed but no podiums) we gather in the quaint and tiny town of Garretsville to terrorize the local population with a day of gravel riding, hill climbing, beer drinking, arm wrestling and a boisterous welcoming of the spring.

This year, conditions were “partially optimal,” with dry roads, sunshine and warm temperatures. The last several weeks of snowfall and ice made the trail sections of the ride extremely sloppy and slick, but overall it was a great adventure day!

Big smiles from Ryan, who tried a MTB for the first time this weekend!

RAR offers 2 routes – 25 or 47. All 5 Mandalores involved opted for the longer ride, arriving on a mishmash of mountainbikes, roadbikes and fixed gears. Fun fact, Team Mandalore is the ONLY team in 8 years to field not one but 3 fixies to finish the grueling 2500 feet of elevation ON TRACK GEARING. Mountainbike riding Ryan finished 117th overall in an open field of 500. Fixies Jeff and Andy impressed the crowd with their climbing and passing without gears to the delight of riders and spectators alike.

MTB Dave, in the middle of nowheresville, wearing his snacks… and his ROKA sunglasses! FYI- lots of aid stations cut bananas in half so you can just squeeze the fruit out of the skin which is very helpful if you’re wearing gloves!

The team gives rave reviews to the latest batch of Kenda tires. We have a discount code you can use if you want to get out there on the best rubber Ohio has to offer: KENDAPRO25

If you were at RAR with us, our friend James took some great pics throughout the ride & you can check them out here!

Andy would like to remind you to get in a recovery ride and a tasty treat the day after a big event!