Camp Tuscazoar Reign of Pain 6 Hour MTB: a dispatch from Yellowman

“That is so sick, Bro”!
Have you ever heard a mountain biker say that one?

Sometimes when you’re sick it takes some time to recover. Recover your strength. Recover your wits.

Well the Tuscazoar Reign of Pain did that to six riders for Team Mandalore. how many laps can you put down with your partner in six hours? Team riders split into pairs: Rae Havoc and brother Craig, Yellowman and Dunk, Tommy and his young ward Tyler. All came ready to race and ready to be as obnoxious enough to be noticed, loud enough to be heard (even over Kenny “Bullhorn” Kocarek), and vibrant enough to be seen a mile away.

who goes first? where’s dunk? what the hell’s going on?

There was so much going on….the boxing gloves, the slip and slide, the maple syrup.This was the best attendance yet for this event. There were a lot of talented cyclists from across Ohio. There werea great many efficient and organized teams present. Then Camp Razorcrest was set up right in the middle of it all. No worries. We’re Team Mandalore. We are there to have fun and spread the stoke.

After sending out our first three riders at the mass start the rest of us at Camp Razorcrest double checked our gear. Ate some food. Drank something cold. At this time a rider from the CAMBA Race Team was dragged to our camp after it was discovered he was missing a bolt from a shoe. Can’t ride with one shoe! So we set up our new friend Miguel and got him on his bike to blast out of the gate and hit the trail. THAT’S how you spread the stoke!

So Yellowman knows all kinds of people. He dragged a friend along to hang out, drink our beer, eat our food. Really glad he could join us. Shout out to rider Chris Dubray as he only decided to sign up last minute to throw down a couple solo laps. Across the way were two more old riding friends of Yellowman, Bud and Jon . Shenanigans Cycling sent a represenative group as well camping out right next door. Like I said it was a parade of the best riders around. That parade did laps, just about everyone under the team tent made two laps. That’s about 20 miles and 2,300 foot of elevation gain. Yes. The ‘pain’ of the Reign of Pain. Six hours seems like a lot of time but with two minutes to go we still had a rider on the course.

kings to Tyler for finishing his second lap with less than 2 mins left on the clock.

Tyler came in just under the gun to finish up his first Mountain Bike race ever. Smiles all around. Old friends were greeted. New friends were made. Have fun. Spread the stoke.

Tyler, Craig, Dunk, Tommy, Fiona, Rae, Dave & Annabel

Running is for Squirrels. In the Dark. On XC Terrain.

When we asked Craig what he was doing this weekend, he said, “I have been talked into the Hillraiser run tomorrow. Fuck me.” He proceeded to blame his boss, justify this move by saying he hadn’t paid his own entry fee & insisting he could do it high.

So, what’s the Hillraiser? According to organisers:
The Hoorah 2 Heroes Hillraiser (12hr) Endurance Challenge is a timed cross-country trail race, through selected arduous hills and terrain located in Ohio County West Virginia. This year’s race (2022) will consist of 5 person teams plus a minium of one Admin member (responsible for administering the team only not a reserve). The event will run 12 hours non-stop throughout the night. During that time period, the team will complete as many 3.1-mile laps (5Km) as they are able.

Based on what we were able to discern, this is similar to the Tuscazoar 6 Hour relay, in that you go as a team, but your lap count is the total number of combined laps (as in, add up the laps for each team member & that’s your score)… interesting… And Craig was doing this with some folks from work, on a whim, with a broken finger. So Craig should have no problem sending a race report in to HQ for this event, right?

Here’s what he actually sent us, Monday evening:

This was an interesting event. I can honestly say I have never done anything like it. As of Friday around noon when I was asked to do it, my boss was solo. He managed to get myself, 2 other employees and one of there daughters. I was told to get in as many laps as I could get, anything past 1 was a bonus.

Basically the race is set up to run from 6pm Saturday to 6am Sunday, 3.7 miles in the woods and each member that crosses the finish line counts as a lap. You have to go as a team so if 3 are on course, the other 2 have to wait until they get back.

Ropes were placed to aid in climbing and descending the hills as some were incredibly steep and muddy. Our average lap was in the hour 30 min range so not an easy course. Hiking out to the furthest point from the starting line you picked up a playing card that they then wrote your bib number on, this was then checked and marked for 2 other check points to ensure people didn’t cut the course.

At the 6 hour mark I’m part way through my second lap which we finished around 1am. We were swapping the lead with a group of LEO, firefighters and first responders. We were pushing each other all night. At 3:10 we start our last lap (4:30 was the cutoff to send teams out), full group of 5. This would put us in the lead by 1 lap and force the other team to at least send 2 out. We are crossing the half way point and we see 2 lights, it’s them, they have about an hour to finish the course. Unfortunately they did get across the line before 6 and we ended up second out of 12 teams.

We gave it our all, CJ and Brian pounded out 6 laps each, Hailey 5, Todd 4 and I put in 3. I was pumped for 3 as it was my goal (I need to actually train), the ropes were tough with a broken right ring finger. I learned a lot for the next event on hydration and nutrition, and will carry that forward with me. Super proud to rock the Mandalore jersey and pull out a second place as a team.

Lookin’ good, Craig. Hopefully that puke was only hydration mix and gel…