EOTT wrap-up

August 15th saw the final EOTT time trial of the season in Deerfield, OH with plenty of Mandalore podiums! TT is something every competitive cyclist should be doing on a regular basis. It’s an opportunity to test yourself against the clock but also a chance to test yourself against your mind. TT is hard and lonely, but the fellows from Stark Bicycle Club and Summit Freewheelers make this event so much fun. The series has been going on for over 30 years and it’s always a joy to race with the “regulars” and goof off with the organisers.

This event was Q Superstar’s first road TT and we’re pleased to say that everyone present complimented her poise and control on the start ramp (oh, yeah, they shove you down a ramp at the start!) Her previous experience at the Cleveland Velodrome where a holding start is done on the banked surface certainly worked to her advantage for a standing sprint start. Quinn’s average speed was 14.62 mph on the 20k course for a time of 51:43… a brilliant effort for her first time navigating the rollers and sharp turn around at the half way point.

The dynamic duo Brian and Ryan pulled double duty this week, competing in mens standard as individuals and heading immediately back out as a team. Brian placed first in a field of fourteen in standard with an overall time of 31:45 / 23.8 mph average. Ryan placed fifth with a gap of 01:22, a time of 42:07 and a speed of 22.82. Their team effort was just as impressive: second place out of six teams in 31:44 for an average of 23.81 mph. They even managed to beat Joe and Heather’s team effort of 21.11 mph!! If you find it hard to tell B & R apart on bike, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It doesn’t help that we haven’t seen them separated from each other for months… it’s truly a bromance for the ages!

The track bikes went down as usual, with a gap of about 5 minutes between each of them- Joe first with an average of 25.13, Jeff second at 19.87 and Rae third with an average of 18.24.

Team Mandalore will be moving on to more late season criterium, mtb and gravel in the coming weeks. We’re sad to see EOTT come to an end, but very happy with our results over the series. Also, thanks to Brian’s lovely spouse, we now have visual proof that joining the dark side will get you cookies!

congratulations, brian! you really earned those cookies!!!

so what happened after crusher?

rae & dave departed from the upper late friday morning after taking a rock hunting wander around champion. the plan was to visit our sponsors alden canvas near traverse city and take a preview ride on the iceman cometh course saturday. the weather was excellent during crusher (thursday – friday) but not so much on saturday.

the greater traverse area saw upwards of 4 inches of rain on saturday in a near-constant downpour from 5am until the mid afternoon, so we sat around at the alden hq looking round for cool rocks between belts of rain, drinking beers and goofing off.

at some point we realised there was a NMMBA race going on in traverse on sunday and decided, “why not?” dave spent 2 days putting up with rae’s shit on the crusher trail and deserved a race of his own. for her part, rae finds it almost impossible to resist showing up at some random race and trying to get a podium spot. so off to the traverse city trails festival they went!

big event, this- like 300 people big. sponsored by short’s brewing and featuring 2 of the local trails with a connector, there were 2 distances- 28 (elite) & 15 (novice and sport). dave entered novice and rae entered sport, both of which started after the “big” pro / elite start, which was cool to watch.

the trails were really nice, especially after the giant boulder pile fest that is crusher- pine duff to sooth the soul. and the chapped ass cheeks! the fellas from the nmmba crew were super welcoming and on our podiums they even announced that we had just came down from the youp to do this race. while we were riding back to the van, someone passed by and shouted, “good job today, eh?” it was like, “uh, they think we’re from the youp.” i guess that’s better than them knowing we’re from ohio?

in the interest of transparancy, rae did make an effort to let everyone know that team mandalore is “an ohio bike racing team with a michigan drinking problem.” we feel like that covers all our bases.

so… podiums anyone? a pair of podiums? gratuitous post-crusher podiums? YEP! HELL YEP.

dave finished 5th overall for mens novice and 3rd in his age group! rae finished 6th overall in womens sport and first in her age group. the trophies were a little unwieldy to ride back to the van carrying but totally worth it. we’ve always wanted 2 big ass slabs of black walnut log to hang up at camp razorcrest!

and most importantly, THANK YOU and Jah Love to brigett and chris at alden canvas who took care of the trail dogs for us while we raced and allowed our sweaty, uncivilised asses to camp in their yard for yet another “stupid thing to do on a bicycle.” and thanks for giving us some shirts to take back to the team! SEE YOU AT ICEMAN!!!!! (the mandalores cometh!)