SWAMP DASH! with Jacob!

Jacob Schira had an exciting day at the Gator’s Swamp Dash.  He was racing in the five and six year old class.  The weather could not have been more perfect for racing.  The ground was dry and the temperature was warm.

Jacob’s pretty much the bomb… and he’s getting fast, too!

The little racers started off first. The three and four year old’s on balance bikes raced to the finish. There was a total of 277 racers that day.  Kids rode in heats of 10 riders.

Jacob is anxiously waiting his turn in the race as the rest of the riders in his heat are getting ready for staging.

He is finishing hard on the final stretch with only 20 feet to go!


Jacob Schira from Team Mandalore finished the race and wears his medal proudly.

Jacob may only be 6, but he’s FIERCE!

Check out Gator Park’s Swamp Dash at: https://www.thetrailgators.org/mountain-bike-race-series/swamp-dash-at-gbp/

**From the Team Captain: Jacob is a habitual overachiever with a great attitude and we’re proud to have him on the team. Our juniors don’t pay for their kit and we reimburse their parents for race registrations as long as the bank account holds out. It’s important for us to thank our many sponsors and supporters who make this possible so we can remove some of the financial barrier and get MORE KIDS ON BIKES!