Tommy @ Devou Frienduro

Devou Frienduro 2022

Let me start by saying, “Devou is an awesome place to ride a bike.” This park can be broken down into several downhill stages. I think 7. It is just under 2 hour drive from Columbus Ohio on the other side if the Ohio River near Cincinnati.

I am not much of a photographer and usually don’t take photos much of myself. The day before I had done 102 miles riding Pelotonia. Since my body wasn’t sore, I was hoping for a good race.

When we got there, (my cousin Tyler Schira was with me), right away folks were talking about how greasy it was on the trail. That wasn’t good since Tyler is kind of new to mountain biking. He was riding my Transition Scout and I was on the Giant Reign. Team Mandalore has an awesome shirt design. Folks
recognized me right away. Tyler and I were excited despite the greasy warnings.
We both rode 2 stages. I love the 2 nd stage Full Monty. There is a gap jump toward the end I love hitting. Yeah, the trail was a bit greasy. During the transfer trail to stage 3, Tyler took a spill on some rocks and ended up falling 4 feet down a shale garden. He banged up his arm and needed some first aid.
I had already been ahead and didn’t realize his crash. I waited for him to catch up with me but he didn’t.

Others came so I asked. Folks made me aware of his crash and I knew right were that was. My legs were done. Energy was just not there for me to complete the race. Pelotonia had taken it from me and rightfully so.

It was time to call it and I headed back. Man it was a hot day. Everyone was drenched. Tyler and I decided to leave but without regret. Later I heard from others that One of my friends got stitches in his knee due to a crash and another broke his hand by hitting a tree. It was very greasy out there.

Something about Kentucky nature and wet conditions made it feel like riding on ice in some situations.