Jacob, on Fire at the Chestnut Ridge Scorcher!

The Scorcher at Chestnut Ridge (thetrailgators.org)
Jacob Schira competed in a mountain bike race on July 16, 2022.

It was a rainy day and it was difficult on the young riders. Jacob being 6 years old raced in the 5/6 year old class. The race course was a field course with about 16 feet of elevation gain and .3 miles in length.

Many riders came to race. About 288 bikers came to race that day.
The rain wasn’t too bad when Jacob was staging to race. He was ready. So were all the other little racers.

Jacob finished strong and he hopes to finish in better position next time. He hopes to convert from a single speed to a bike with gears to help him when the terrain gets steep or tough.

The Trail Gators put on a great race. They are very organized with many volunteers. Coach Armstrong kept our spirits high during the difficult weather. Eventually, the race had to be called off for the older riders as the rain came down tough.

Next race is going to be at Granby Elementary in September at their Gator trail course.

-Tommy Schira Jr
Jacob’s Dad.