Supporting Team Mandalore is easy! We are enthusiastic promoters of the things we love and are highly visible within the cycling community. Each team member has a 4-race minimum obligation for the season, though many of us will do 20 races or more & social media will be updated with sponsor tags and appreciation. The best part about us is that we’re easygoing! Here are some ways you can help the team:

  • Cash, baby! Yep, just paypal it to us, we’ll put your logo on our jerseys and start sending you love immediately.
  • Product demos. We’ll abuse the gear you send us and review it.
  • Ambassadorship programmes are welcome- make an offer to one or all or us and we will promote your product and encourage our friends to do the same.
  • Help support a foundling. We’re like a magnet for kids, so we let them race with us too. Our youth members do not pay a membership fee for cycling kit and we try to cover a racing license if needed. Feel free to earmark your sponsorship “to Foundlings” and we’ll keep you up to date on their progress.

Need to share? Download our onesheet here or check us out on facebook and instagram!