• Supporting Team Mandalore is easy! We are enthusiastic promoters of the things we love and are highly visible within the cycling community. Each team member has a 4-race minimum obligation for the season, though many of us will do 10 races or more as the world finally begins to open back up. We frequently update our social media with sponsor tags and appreciation. After our 2021 racing season wraps up with The Iceman Cometh in Kalkaska, MI, we will begin sponsor highlights for the holiday shopping season, sharing gear reviews, photos of our sponsored products in action and any promotional codes that are available to us at the time.
  • Cash, baby! Yep, just send it to us, we’ll put your logo on our jerseys and start sending you love immediately. Any amount over $75 gets you on the jersey, the website and in the social media.
  • Product demos / discounts. We’ll abuse the gear you send us and review it. We’ll tell our friends how much we love your product. We’ll share your social stories.
  • Mutual Aid. Let’s trade skills and make eachother stronger! Just contact us and we’ll see how we can help each other build a better cycling community. We work with podcasts, personal trainers, local breweries and other cycling teams this way.
  • Ambassadorship programmes are welcome- make an offer to one or all of us and we will promote your product and encourage our friends to do the same.
  • Help support a foundling. Our youth members do not pay a membership fee for cycling kit and we do our best to pay for their race registrations as well. Additionally, the team buys bikes for foundlings, who sign a contract to work off the price of the bike. After completion, the foundlings receive the bike and a bill of sale! Feel free to earmark your sponsorship “to Foundlings” and we’ll keep you up to date on their progress, as many of them are too young to be using social media. Foundling sponsors will get social media and website mentions from our team and email updates about the kids. There is no minimum amount to donate to the foundlings.
  • We use Venmo and PayPal through our email address: mandalorecycling@gmail.com
  • You can also use the form below if you need to contact us!

Need to share? Download our onesheet here or check us out on facebook and instagram!