Join Us

Open to all ages, all disciplines. We only ask for enthusiasm.

Adult members should commit to 4 races in our jersey and be willing to submit photos and race reports. We do not believe in exclusivity. If you are a full time member of another team you are still welcome to be a Mandalore and be supported by our team. Just remember to wear your jersey or teeshirt now and again so we can share with our sponsors.

Juniors are only asked to ride in their jersey with an adult member consistently throughout the season and try a few races or skills clinic events.

Team Mandalore will provide training, scheduling & support through sponsorship and ambassador programmes. You are welcome to keep your own sponsors if you have them.

A USAC license is not required. Adults will provide their own license if needed and the team will do our best to provide licensing for juniors. Juniors do not pay for jerseys.

This is a rowdy, DIY racing team. Treat it as such- talk shit, make love and race hard.