McLain Farm Adventure Race

Transmission from Dave Yellowman…

Wow. What a busy end-of-season Team Mandalore is experiencing! So much work, so much FUN! Like that time at McLain Farm Adventure Race. Well that’s the new name. But we knew about it before it was that cool.

Hey who am I kidding it’s always been cool. So KNOBby Side Down Racing – KSD, Summit Freewheelers, Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association, Road Apple Roubaix eat your heart out.

We got pictures of all y’all taking time out to head east and south to take on some of the BEST gravel in Ohio. I was there….yes, Yellowman was given a megaphone at the finish line and used it to punish/encourage butt sore riders to finish those last 100 yards. Ask anyone who was there. It was an event to attend. It took a lot out of riders with a punishing course. But it gave back with a satisfaction of accomplishment. And Pizza boats. Folded Pizza…..whatever those guys eat down there. (note from the Team Captain: it’s called a “heel,” it’s a bread full of spaghetti dinner, and it comes from Naples Spaghetti House) Come across the finish line and you can get your fill. I met so many novice and accomplished riders who pushed themselves to the limit. Lots of big smiles.

Of course Team Mandalore showed up. You see one of those flashy jerseys, perhaps hear yelling, maybe someone is acting inappropriately. Yup, that’s us. Make sure you are planning ahead for next year. Keep track of the new site: McLain Farm Adventure Race.

Make no mistake. We may accost you from down the trail. We may ask you for beer mid-race. But we support Ohio cycling. Lot’s of our sponsors helped out at this event. And they always support us and our antics. Just ask our McLain Farm finishers. They made it through too with the help of our cool sponsors.

We wish to thank ALL of our sponsors for helping us spread the stoke.Deals Gap Motorcycle ResortowayoKenda Tire | MTBKenda Tire Road N GravelNuun HydrationKent CycleMindmeld TechAlden Canvas llcOM Therapeutic MassageRust Belt Revival Trail Coalition#spreadthestoke#thisistheway#lifeisbeautiful#mtb#allbikesallpeople#enduro#downhill#ohio#love#anarchism#keepcyclingweird#anarchistBikeTeam#Stacy Rhea#Youse Guys and that Podcast

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