Jeff Swartout Challenge with Ryan

TT name: Jeff Swartout Challenge, July 15th in Cincinatti OH
10.2 mile course
My Finishing time: 27:14, 22.5mph average

Not the best performance, and I wasn’t really hoping for one. I did about as good as I was thinking I’d do. The TT competition in Cincinnati is stronger it seems than we have up here. The standard men’s road bike category had 13 finishers and my performance was good enough for 12th place! I was trying to save myself for two crit races the next day, but unfortunately I crashed in the first two laps of the first crit race, so those races were pretty unremarkable.

The course for the TT was really good though. A short, gently undulating route along pretty lightly traveled roads in greater Cincinnati. The road was in good shape and there was no traffic besides the other bike racers.

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