Shez & Rae take Ohio State TT Masters Champsionships

We haven’t had a masters Ohio State time trial championship since 2019. We’re sure of it cause that’s the number on our last first place jerseys. Held on the lovely streets of West Salem, OH and curated by our sisters at Team Stelleri Performance Training, State is always a blast and a chance for us to see old friends. You know, OLD, cause it’s the Masters’ TT!

Shez entered her age cat for 40km, placing first in her group and earning a new state jersey with a time of 1:29:45.

Shez, all smiles at one of her favourite courses.

In the absence of a dedicated fixed gear cat, Rae entered the “fun division” 22km, otherwise known as the Eddy Merckx.

Yeah, that’s a thing.

It’s also known as the “cannibal class,” so, you know, that’s fun. It’s done on some kind of a standard bike: no dish wheels, no skinsuits, no tt helmet, no forward bars. Steel frames and wool shorts encouraged. She asked the USA Cyling official if he was gonna give her a rollout for her gearing and he said, “nah, if you can get that started you’re fine.” Yep. That’s her kind of race…

Our friend Mike from Lake Effect Racing showed up on his (also steel) fixie and raced in the mens cannibal. Rae placed 3rd, with a strong PR on the outbound leg of 22:22 (yes!) but lost time on the return route due to fierce crosswinds, finishing that segment in 24:39. Her overall was 46:38. Mike placed fifth in his group, still besting Rae by 5 minutes (figures) but reported to the post race gathering that Rae rode like a wildwoman & he was unable to execute a pass while they were on the course together.

Kristen, Samantha & Rae, cannibal women of the Ohio State Masters TT

We also had the especial delight to seeing our friends Karen and Doug from our southward fam fam, Team Dayton. Karen placed first in her 40k age group as well.

Yes, yes we are the best looking group at the event. It’s true.

The weather was beautiful, if you don’t mind fighting steady crosswinds from every direction on a winding course. As usual, the timing team from Summit Freewheelers did a great job keeping track of all of us and they are continuing the tradition of giving Rae the number 69. We’re so grateful we have so many good friends helping us keep it weird out there!!!

As a last bonus, here’s our EOTT race director, Mark, chasing Shez with a hammer at her start.

Mr. Erzen, sir, can you please not chase my teammate with a hammer? Appreciate it… -Rae

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