race report: Ryan Does RATL

a little snapshot of RATL1

Saturday saw the first event in the Races at the Lake series, p/b our friends at Summit Freewheelers. Regretfully, the Team Mandalore mens criterium division is suffering from a series of injuries and we only had one entry, but Ryan put up a mighty effort! This early series can be a struggle with the weather, but sunny & warm weather made spectating a delight!

Ryan’s main goal was to stay in the lead pack, which he did, finishing 11th out of 29 starters. In the 4th lap he narrowly missed the prime to our friend Matt!

Rae & Colin wonder if they were loud enough for Ryan to hear their cheers

In the continuing trend of the local women pushing their way into mens 4/5, some of our favourites, the Lady Gnar Shredders of Columbus, were in the pack as well as our old friend Steve, who once swore to Rae he’d “NEVER” race his bike. We’re looking forward to bike-path shaming Steve on to the team in the near future.

The Masters Mens field was even more full than 4/5! Great to see so many people out

The continuing RATL schedule will be April 30, May 7th and May 14th. Expect to see Mandalores at all 3, but we’ll be doing a big push to have as many critidiots on May 7th, with several teammates doing 2 races. Thanks to Summit Freewheelers for continuing this 30+ year event and keeping our local cycling community strong.

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