We are Team Mandalore: we will laugh, we will cry, someone will throw up at the finish line.

Team Mandalore is a multi-disciplinary cycling team from Northeast Ohio celebrating the punk rock DIY ethos with a goal to keep cycling weird, build lasting friendships and win some races along the way. Our members have been competing locally for years in races such as OMBC, EOTT, RATL, 331 Powerseries, COMBO FUNduro, The Cleveland Velodrome& NEOCX. Mandalorians like to travel too, chasing podiums in TransAm, Race Across America, The Cherohala Challenge, The Crusher, WMBC & MMBA.

We have a community-minded, familyoriented mutual aid policy. We are non-exclusive, that is, some members are on other teams as well. We provide neutral support at all events. Our juniors (we call them “foundlings”) are mentored in cycling but also learn how to be happy warriors in a complex world. We are IMBA trail stewards, dog foster families and girl scout dads. We coach, compete, volunteer, parent and teach. We believe that bicycles are freedom.

1. no sticky bottles, only sticky doobies
2. there is no offseason
3. parking lot beers
4. if all else fails, play dead
5. rule number five
6. we may be uncivilised but we are not savages
7. keep pedaling, assholes
8. this is the way
9. if it’s dangerous, it’s probably fun
10. keep cycling weird